Wonderful Weekend


Another weekend has come and gone and I’m sad to see it go. I usually measure the success of the weekend by how much I was able to get done. Everything from cleaning, errands, projects, to spending time with Elin. The more I get done, the better the weekend. Sadly, this weekend I didn’t do any cleaning or projects, but it was still a fantastic weekend.


Elin was just so good all weekend long. On Saturday, we went to Gymboree where Elin got to hang out with her pal Kelsey.




Then we went on a fun playdate  to visit my friend Emily and her lovely daughter Frances. Elin had a blast playing and hanging out with Frances. It was a beautiful day outside, so they got to take their baby dolls on walk.


On Sunday we did some errands and played outside. I’m just so proud of Elin and how good and well-behaved she is. I’m so glad that we can go and do many different things in a day without much of a nap and with no schedule and she can still function and be a in a good mood. This was one of those weekends where I just stopped and stared at her in awe of what a  fantastic little girl she is. She is such a blessing.


  1. what a great weekend! They look so grown up walking their babies outside! Also that white jean jacket and blue shirt is just adorable!! Callie is such a grump without a nap we still plan our days around them! although we often need the break too because she just has so much non stop energy! lol

  2. Such a sweet weekend! This age is the BEST!!! Love it. Happy Monday!

  3. ok the girls with their strollers and babes? CUTEST PICTURE EVER. seriously, amazing!!!

  4. Toddlers, strollers & babies! So precious!

  5. Oh my gosh, her jean jacket is killin’ me! Sooooo stinking cute!
    What a GREAT weekend!! I love the little strollers! We need to get one for Mia and her baby!

  6. Lol, that pic of her screaming and laughing at herself in the mirror is classic! Not sure when the fascination with mirrors ends, but it’s the cutest thing to watch them watching themselves. Sounds like a great weekend!

    The Joni Journey

  7. Awww! The girls are so cute! 🙂 Cute post!

  8. Oh that picture of the two little girls and their strollers is just precious! So sweet!