Singing and Dancing in the Rain



The past couple of days have been rainy and dreary which has not been conducive to Elin’s love of being outdoors.

Yesterday evening the rain finally subsided and there was a brief period of sunshine and rainbows. Elin took full advantage and went outside to splash in the puddles and dance around. I think she would sleep outside if we let her. It amazes me how much she loves being outside. If Elin is getting upset or crying I can always  say, “Do you want to go outside?” and I can usually get her to perk up.


I love these pictures that capture Elin in her happy dance sequence.


Check out this awesome rainbow. I think Elin was truly mystified that she suddenly saw a band of colors in the sky!


I hope I always remember how absolutely joyous she is when she is outside and exploring the world.  The sounds of birds and the sight of flowers is purely magical to her right now.


Check out these dance moves in a gif!




23 Months Update


Last week, Elin turned 23 months!  How can my beautiful baby be a month away from 2? I’ll try not to lament about that too much because I’m sure there will be plenty of that next month.

The Stats:
Weight: 27.2 lbs
Height: 34.25 inches
Clothes: 18-24  and 2T
Diapers: Size 4
Shoes: 5.5-6
Teeth: 18


Elin loves to count to 10 and she even can say some higher numbers up to 20.  I recently found some blocks that have numbers on one side and then pictures on the other side. To my surprise, Elin had no trouble identifying the numbers on the blocks even though they were not in order.  She can completely say the alphabet and now has started to sing the alphabet. She often times will feel like being British and says “zed” instead of “zee”.

Elin’s vocabulary continues to explode and amaze us this past month. I tried to keep track of some of the new words and sayings:

  • I love you
  • I’m sorry
  • I see you
  • See you soon
  • Thank you
  • Where is it?
  • Brush Teeth
  • Happy
  • Easter bunny
  • Happy Easter
  • Elin Paige ( when I was teaching her to say name she would repeat “Elin” then if I said “Paige” separately but then when I would say, “Elin Paige” she would look at me alarmed and scream, “NO!” She knew that when I said “Elin Paige” she was in trouble!)
  • Walk
  • Watch Show
  • Toes
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Foot
  • Eat
  • Food
  • Airplane
  • Tea Potty (when she sees a teapot)
  • Mickey
  • Let it go (sings along with Frozen movie)
  • Moon
  • Sky
  • Angel
  • Cute


Elin is LOVING the warmer weather because that means more time outside.  She loves to swing, ride in her wagon, ride her tricycle, pick up rocks, move small patio furniture, and play with balls.


She loves to dance around to music and place her hands like a ballerina.

This month she celebrated her second Easter and had a great time meeting the Easter bunny, hunting for eggs, and talking about the Easter bunny.  She is a little ball of energy and we are eagerly anticipating her turning the big 2!


Easter Weekend


Elin had a busy and exciting Easter weekend.  She had an Easter egg hunt and lunch on Saturday at her Nana and Papa’s house. She  enjoyed hunting for eggs and running around the yard. She clutched some toys in her hand during the hunt and only pointed out eggs in the beginning but then she got into the spirit and set down her toys and picked up eggs. She enjoyed watching us open up her eggs and check out her goodies.

elin-eggsThen on Sunday the Easter bunny left her a big basket of fun and she spent the whole morning happily playing and examining each item. Then in the afternoon it was off to more Easter festivities.


I can’t believe how different Elin’s Easter was this year from last.  Last year she couldn’t even walk let alone hunt for Easter eggs and excitedly go through her Easter basket.  It’s amazing how much she has changed and learned in just a year.


Since her new favorite word is “Easter bunny” she is not going to enjoy seeing the decorations being put away.  She loves snow globes and she now is the proud owner of a egg shaped snow globe with a picture of her and the Easter bunny inside(yes, they suckered me in at the Easter booth) .  I”m afraid we will not be able to put that one away.  She loves taking a look at it every morning when she wakes up and every night before she goes to bed,

IMG_3772    IMG_3872



Easter Bunny Visit


After lots of anticipation, Elin finally got to visit with the Easter bunny this year. She has been talking about the Easter bunny non-stop for a week now and I was getting afraid that he might not live up the hype.

She visited him last year when she was 10 months old and she did very well and smiled very well for her picture.


This year she paid very close attention to everyone in line in front of her and was watching them talk to the bunny and get their picture taken. When it was her turn, you could tell she was so excited. She kept saying, “Easter bunny soft” over and over and she petted his hand and she even looked up a few times and grabbed his nose. It was a little hard to get a good picture because she was just looking at his hands and face the whole time, but finally we got her to look at the camera and wave. I was scared that she was going to throw a fit when it was time to get off his lap, but she did very well.

After the visiting the bunny, she loved checking out the fountains and walking near the display where the bunny was seated to point out the flowers.


On our way out the door, she spotted a little bunny home decor piece at Von Maur. It became clear that she was not leaving the little guy behind, so we ended up purchasing him as a souvenir. He was not meant for a toddler so she promptly detached his ear during the car ride home, so we are working on mending him.

Elin is very much anticipating Easter this weekend.


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Elin’s Spring Favorites



Easter Bunnies Book, Gymboree Bubbles, Pottery Barn Bunnies, Activity Mat, Gap Eyelet Top, Annie’s Bunny Mix


Elin gets on kicks of things whether it’s saying certain words, playing with the same toys, or wanting to eat the same things. Here is a compilation of some things that she is currently enjoying:

She loves books of all kinds, but right now she loves this Easter Babies book because it combines her love of counting and farm animals. This is a really cute book about animals and spring.

Bubbles are another favorite. Gymboree bubbles are by far the best. Those bubbles float longer and seem to last longer before popping.

Elin always loves stuffed animals and she has been loving her gray bunny she got for her birthday last year. She loves saying “bunny” and “easter bunny”. This bunny has the softest ears!

Emily from Dear Owen graciously gifted us with this lovely activity mat and Elin loves counting all the eggs and pointing out the chicks.

This blue flutter sleeve shirt from Gap is so great because it’s light-weight and flowy. I like how we can pair it with different jackets to get lots of use out of it.

Elin loves to try some new snacks and this little bunny mix is her new favorite. It has cheddar crackers and pretzels in the shape of her new favorite animal and word, “bunny”. This word is said no less than 100 times as she eats this snack.



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Wonderful Weekend


Another weekend has come and gone and I’m sad to see it go. I usually measure the success of the weekend by how much I was able to get done. Everything from cleaning, errands, projects, to spending time with Elin. The more I get done, the better the weekend. Sadly, this weekend I didn’t do any cleaning or projects, but it was still a fantastic weekend.


Elin was just so good all weekend long. On Saturday, we went to Gymboree where Elin got to hang out with her pal Kelsey.




Then we went on a fun playdate  to visit my friend Emily and her lovely daughter Frances. Elin had a blast playing and hanging out with Frances. It was a beautiful day outside, so they got to take their baby dolls on walk.


On Sunday we did some errands and played outside. I’m just so proud of Elin and how good and well-behaved she is. I’m so glad that we can go and do many different things in a day without much of a nap and with no schedule and she can still function and be a in a good mood. This was one of those weekends where I just stopped and stared at her in awe of what a  fantastic little girl she is. She is such a blessing.

Flowers in the park

Yesterday my mom and sister took Elin and my nephew Max to the park. I heard they had the best time playing. Max likes to teach her how to do things and Elin loves looking up to him and copying what he does. I think they are at that perfect age gap where they can get along well despite their age difference.

I just had to share these adorable pictures of them. I love how you can see the whole sequence of them spotting the flowers and then Max picking her one and handing it to her. He is so sweet to her.



IMG_3390    IMG_3391


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Joyful Heart


On Monday nigth when I was putting Elin to bed she said the words I have been waiting and waiting for her to say. She said, “I love you.” I was so excited to finally hear her utter those words! To say that my heart was happy and joyful is an understatement!

She is in a major repeating stage so even though I know she just said that phrase because I say it to her hundreds of times a day, it still made me happy because at least I know she hears us say that to her, even if she doesn’t fully understand what it means.

She said those precious words again on Wednesday night. I hope this is the start of hearing her sweet voice say those words over and over again for a lifetime.


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Birthday kitchen wish list



Pottery Barn Kids: Pink Retro Kitchen CollectionKidKraft New Cupcake SetMelissa & Doug Fridge Food SetMelissa & Doug Sweet Treat TowerMelissa & Doug Wooden Pantry Products, and KidCraft 27 pc Cookware Playset – Pastel

Elin’s birthday is rapidly approaching and I am starting to work on her wish list. Her big present from us a kitchen set. The inspiration board above shows the kitchen set and all the little accessories we have gotten her or are planning on getting her to go with the set. Most of the items I choose are from Pottery Barn Kids, Melissa & Doug, and Kidkraft because I find that their products are higher quality and tend to hold up well. I can’t wait to watch her enjoy all of these items.

I would love to hear other suggestions and ideas to add to her wish list. What are you planning on getting your two year old or what did they love to get on their 2 year birthday?

Easter and Parties



I was so excited when Emily from the  Dear Owen blog sent Elin this beautiful personalized Easter activity mat. Elin was so excited to see a cute little chicky on the front and then all the fun learning games on the back. She has so many cute options in her shop. We are so thankful for her lovely thoughtful gift!  It’s just perfect for our spring crafting.



I am currently obsessed with my new bunny garland! I think it brings a little Easter cheer to our living room. I know this is something that could easily be made but I chose the easy route and decided to buy one.



Ever since I got my new Macbook, I have been on a hunt for a fun and functional  sleeve for it and I have finally found the one! Isn’t she a beaut?! I just love it! It’s the Marc Jacobs “Pretty Pinwheel” commuter case.



I am so excited that I have just ordered Elin’s birthday party invitations!!  I finally decided on a theme and now I have a few weeks to start planning. The party planning will keep my mind off the fact she is turning 2!!



My two favorite photos I took this week is this one from my nephew’s birthday party and then a shot of  Elin’s crazy hair in the morning when she got up.

IMG_3277  IMG_3246  

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