Spring Five Favorites






Since Spring is officially here I thought I would spruce up the house with pretty springy flowers. Tulips and hydrangeas are some of my favorites. I bought  two big bouquets of white and blue hydrangeas over the weekend and unfortunately this small stem is all that remains. The vase is re-purposed from one of my wedding showers. I think the green and white ribbons add a cute touch.



Nothing says spring like some jelly beans and these sparkly Jelly Belly beans are so pretty. They are the Disney Princess edition ones and they are incredibly hard to find. I found them in the Easter section at Target.



Even though Elin has tons of books, I can’t stop buying them. Easter books are especially precious and I found these two adorable books this week.  The illustrations are gorgeous! I haven’t read them to her yet, but  looking through them quickly, they look like they will be so cute.



I about died when I saw this little outdoor furniture set for kids at Costco! I think I need to run back and get it for Elin. I am hoping it’s still there! I should have never passed on something that was chevron patterned for kids!



Last but certainly not least, my nephew Ethan is turning 9 in a few short days! How he can possibly be 9 I do not know! He is so smart and the best little athlete I know.  He is the best baseball and basketball player and he makes everyone so proud.



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  1. OMG!!!! That picnic table is too precious! I can’t believe it has it’s own canopy!! Hydrangeas are definitely a personal favorite of mine as well! Love how full and lush they look! Happy Friday friend!!

  2. Love all the Spring goodness in this post! That picnic table is fabulous!!! Hope you enjoy a terrific weekend, Chrissy!

  3. those princess jelly beans are “helping” me potty train lex. . . only she’ll sit on the thing and never actually USE it. i don’t think we’re ready quite yet. . . but those sparkly beans are magic for sure 🙂

  4. I love those flowers, hydrangeas are my favorite they’re so fluffy! Have a good weekend!

  5. i love fresh flowers – hydrangeas are my faves too 🙂 and i love jelly beans!! lol have a great weekend!

  6. We bought that table at Costco and Liam LOVES it! Also, tulips & hydrangeas are my favorite too! My tulips are just starting to bloom and I am considering planting a hydrangea bush year, although I worry my yard gets too much full sun for them.

  7. I need to run to Costco for that table! It’s darling! I’m surprise we haven’t seen it yet.

    Hydrangeas and tulips are two of my favorites too! I especially love how hydrangeas can fill a vase with only one of two stems. I just saw a pin on pinterest for keeping them alive longer.. should have pinned it to give you !

  8. That little outdoor furniture set makes me so happy! You really can’t get much cuter!!

    And happy birthday, Ethan!! 🙂 🙂

  9. Sparkle jelly beans?! Those look amazing! That outdoor table set is so cute! I love it!