Bath Time: Woes to Happiness


Most babies love bath time, but for a long time Elin despised bath time! She would scream and cry the entire time she was in the bath. I have no idea why, but I guess she just didn’t like the feeling of water. We made sure the water was nice and warm and we had plenty of toys for her, but she was not a fan. Needless to say, Elin’s bath time was not enjoyed by anyone giving her the bath.


She slowly started to get better and better at enjoying her bath and sometime around 16 months, she fully made the switch and started loving her baths! I have no idea what changed her mind, but I am so thankful that it is not a tortuous occasion for her and now she loves it.


Elin gets very excited for her bath time now. She has many squirt toys, bath books, and lots of stacking cups that keep her happy. She still does not like the shampooing because of water getting on her face, but she just whines a little when I do that. I try to tip her head back but she always forcefully looks down and therefore the water drips down her face.


It might just be a little part of our day but it’s now so much enjoyable that she has embraced the bath instead of feared it.



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  1. lol Lily does the same thing with the water. I try to prevent it but she has to do things her way. Ha! One day, maybe they’ll learn. 😉 Happy to hear Elin enjoys bath time..just in time for splash pads, swimming pools, sprinklers.. Yay!!!

  2. Ohmigoodness – those faces!! I’m glad she’s coming around… bathtime should be fun time!! I love the picture of her in her hooded towel – such sweetness!

  3. Enjoying bath time is HUGE. I hate it when we have a bad bath night!! So happy she’s enjoying her bath time 🙂

  4. Love bath time pictures! 🙂

  5. aww those pictures! Avery can not stand when I get water on her face to rinse the shampoo- BUT she’s totally okay with dipping her face in the water, so weird lol. It’s good she’s coming around though, bath time shouldn’t be torturous, for mama or baby!

  6. Love these bath pictures! What a doll!

  7. ok I knew I liked your blog before but I can sooooo relate to this post! baths were torture for us for so long! Callie is the same way about her hair now too… she’s on a bit of a bath regression again but normally they are now a fun time. I just got Callie some bath crayons and she LOVES them!

  8. Aww! Molly has almost always loved bath time…we have a bunch of different toys in there with her including tea cups (she makes us tea and “soup”) and mega blocks!!! I’m glad she is starting to like it more!!

  9. I love these little bathtime pictures! She has such a sweet face.