Weekend Plans



Elin has been making kiss faces a lot this week and I just love it!  I think it’s so cute!


2This week I randomly decided to look for some Frozen singalongs videos and Elin has completely fallen in love with the music. She can’t get enough of them! I know the move comes out on Tuesday but I am contemplating taking her to the movie theater for the first time so she can experience the show that way. I really don’t know if she will enjoy it or dislike the how loud the music will be in the theater,  but I am hoping to take her on Sunday and give it a try.


3I am very excited that we have a shopping trip planned to Ikea this weekend. I don’t really have any specific items in mind that I am  looking for. What great finds have you found there recently?


I have officially decided on a tea party theme for Elin’s second birthday party!  She loves playing with her tea sets so I hope she enjoys a party themed as such. Let the planning begin!


For my fifth item, I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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  1. After watching a music video from Frozen that Aislynn loved, we decided to pre-order it for her Easter basket. I’m so excited to see the whole thing!

  2. I couldn’t wait for the DVD to come out, so my son and I watched it via Apple TV since iTunes and Amazon Prime got it two weeks ago. LOVE that movie!

  3. how old is your gal? i want to take kaye to a movie, but i think she’s too young and won’t hold still the whole time. maybe another year? also…is that the oxo highchair? do you love it? would you buy it again? yay for linkups! showing some love. new reader! karli

  4. Awww, that face, and that dress…. Too cute! And I love ikea stuff, but haven’t ever been to one. :-/ and I love Frozen!

  5. Is Frozen mainly for girls? I ask because I have two boys. I’ve been trying to figure out if they would like the movie. Happy Friday!

  6. Molly absolutely loves her tea set too! Cute idea for her birthday party!!! I am dying to see Frozen sometime soon…let us know how it goes at the theater!! I wish we had an Ikea close to us…they have some really cute kids toys!! Have fun!

  7. Taylor Jeavons says:

    I love Ikea, but hating going there. If it was just me going through Ikea I’d love it, but hate the crowds. Ha

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  8. Awwww I used to LOVE tea parties as a kid. How fun! -Stopping by from 5 on Friday.

  9. I can’t wait to see your tea party theme, that sounds so adorable!

  10. Love the tea party theme for the birthday party! So fun. I just recently made a trip to IKEA–we got a new bookshelf, pillow covers (always. every. trip) and took home lots of ideas. Have fun!

  11. The kissy face is too cute! 🙂 We love Frozen. My girls can hardly wait to get it on blu-ray. Happy party planning! A tea party theme will be adorable! Have a great weekend 🙂

  12. I love the tea party theme! It was one of the themes I considered for Harper’s 2nd birthday. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  13. If you haven’t been to Ikea yet I would grab: an easel, the paint smock, their bowls and plates rock, roll paper and pads of paper! All that stuff is great and really cheap! Also I love their cube storage shelves and they are really well made (if you need any storage stuff). I broke down and ordered frozen so Tuesday we’re going to have a little movie party downstairs! 🙂

  14. What did you end up getting from IKEA?! We know we want to go to IKEA soon, we just have to pick a date! Love that big blue & yellow store!