Typical Sunday

All during the work week I am constantly adding items to my to-do list for the weekend. I try to get things done during the week but the hours go by so fast in the evening and I would like to spend as much time as possible with Elin during that time. The weekend comes and we always have Gymboree on Saturday morning followed by errands, cleaning, projects, and spending time with family and friends. Every Sunday I have a huge list of items I would like to get done before the weekend is over. However, my productive Sunday usually turns in to enjoying time with Elin. This Sunday was no exception.


After she woke up and got dressed, she came to watch me put on my makeup and play with the makeup brushes. She loves to take them all out of the jar and feel all the different ones on her face. Then, after eating breakfast, we played all around the house. She played with some of her current favorites which are her little basketball goal and on her Rody.



Elin’s new favorite thing to do is put on our shoes and try to wear then around the house. She doesn’t get to far before tripping, but it’s just so funny to watch her!


Then her Nana and Papa came over to see her and we all went on a walk with the dogs. Elin rode along in her car and soaked up all the attention from everyone around her. Then we all packed up and headed to the park since the park in our neighborhood had some puddles. The park was really packed, but Elin managed to find a swing and enjoyed people watching while swinging.


After the park, we ran some errands and then it was already time for dinner. She mult-tasked by getting in some Micky Mouse Clubhouse while eating. Following dinner, we headed back outside to play out back before it got too dusky. She just loves the outdoors so much.


I don’t like feeling unproductive but I am so glad we got to spend the last day of the weekend doing all of Elin’s favorite things. Even though it wasn’t incredibly exciting or jam packed with new things to do, I could tell she was having the best time just doing all her favorite things.

Spring Five Favorites






Since Spring is officially here I thought I would spruce up the house with pretty springy flowers. Tulips and hydrangeas are some of my favorites. I bought  two big bouquets of white and blue hydrangeas over the weekend and unfortunately this small stem is all that remains. The vase is re-purposed from one of my wedding showers. I think the green and white ribbons add a cute touch.



Nothing says spring like some jelly beans and these sparkly Jelly Belly beans are so pretty. They are the Disney Princess edition ones and they are incredibly hard to find. I found them in the Easter section at Target.



Even though Elin has tons of books, I can’t stop buying them. Easter books are especially precious and I found these two adorable books this week.  The illustrations are gorgeous! I haven’t read them to her yet, but  looking through them quickly, they look like they will be so cute.



I about died when I saw this little outdoor furniture set for kids at Costco! I think I need to run back and get it for Elin. I am hoping it’s still there! I should have never passed on something that was chevron patterned for kids!



Last but certainly not least, my nephew Ethan is turning 9 in a few short days! How he can possibly be 9 I do not know! He is so smart and the best little athlete I know.  He is the best baseball and basketball player and he makes everyone so proud.



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Easter Crafts

This past weekend I decided it was time to do another seasonal craft. I found this little foam sticker set at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be a fun craft and a cute decoration for Easter. These little sticker crafts are great because they aren’t messy and they are easy to follow. Elin loves having the control of putting the stickers on herself with some direction from me. She also loves to name all the parts of the face so she loved naming everything off and she stuck them down.


She decided to start the project with her little dog by her side. It was so cute to see her get excited and sit in anticipation as I took all the materials out of the packaging and got it all set out for her.








I think our little bunny turned out pretty cute and will be a nice little decoration for the holiday.




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Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter is on my mind and I have been loving all the pastel colored decorations and flowers in the stores. I noticed that Target had an amazing selection of easter basket stuffers so I went ahead and started shopping before they ran out.


Elin is not into candy or sweets yet so most of her basket is dedicated to toys and books. Books and coloring books are always a good item for the back of the basket since they are generally taller. The Easter section also had some cute knob puzzles, bath toys, play jewelry, play-doh, and chapstick sets.

Here is a closer look at some of the Minnie Mouse items. They had a lot of Minnie Mouse, Sofia the First, and Disney Princess stuff. For the Minnie Mouse stuff, I got the play jewelry set, the mini magna doodle, a camera view finder and  a light up wand. I know Elin will be so excited to see all the Minnie themed items.


I also found some great stuffers at Hobby Lobby. A coloring book, a bouncing ball, a wind up bunny, a chick that makes  chirping noises, and some fun little plates. The plates are not for her basket, but to enjoy now.


I went ahead and assembled everything in her basket to see where I was, and I already over-bought and couldn’t fit everything in! It’s going to be hard not to purchase anything else the rest of the season. I might have to make adjustments if I find something else too cute to pass up.


Ikea Must-haves for Toddlers


MÅLA EaselMÅLA Smock, DUKTIG Baking SetFÖRSIKTIG Stool, KRITTER Table and Chairs

Last weekend I traveled to IKEA and found some great and inexpensive toddler items. I wanted to share my top five favorites with you today. I am most excited about the artist easel. We already have a table and chairs for our upstairs, but I wanted a cheaper set for our downstairs. The smock will be essential with the easel and other messy activities. The baking set with be great for Elin’s kitchen she is getting for her birthday, and the stool is going to be great for to use all the time.

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Bath Time: Woes to Happiness


Most babies love bath time, but for a long time Elin despised bath time! She would scream and cry the entire time she was in the bath. I have no idea why, but I guess she just didn’t like the feeling of water. We made sure the water was nice and warm and we had plenty of toys for her, but she was not a fan. Needless to say, Elin’s bath time was not enjoyed by anyone giving her the bath.


She slowly started to get better and better at enjoying her bath and sometime around 16 months, she fully made the switch and started loving her baths! I have no idea what changed her mind, but I am so thankful that it is not a tortuous occasion for her and now she loves it.


Elin gets very excited for her bath time now. She has many squirt toys, bath books, and lots of stacking cups that keep her happy. She still does not like the shampooing because of water getting on her face, but she just whines a little when I do that. I try to tip her head back but she always forcefully looks down and therefore the water drips down her face.


It might just be a little part of our day but it’s now so much enjoyable that she has embraced the bath instead of feared it.



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22 Month Update


The Stats:
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: 33.5 inches
Clothes: 18-24  and 2T
Diapers: Size 4
Shoes: 5.5-6
Teeth: 18

Elin’s vocabulary continues to grow! She can count up to nine now. She still likes to point out all the features on the face and she has added “eyebrows”, “teeth” and “lips” when describing faces. She now says “hug” a lot as well. She also discovered the word “bug” and likes to point out all the bugs in her books.


Her newest obsession is the movie Frozen! She LOVES watching the sing alongs on YouTube. Her favorite is Elsa’s “Let it Go”. She will even try to mimic the hand motions. She sometimes sings along in parts.


Our biggest milestone was going to the movie theater for the first time! Elin was amazing! She stayed awake the whole time despite no nap beforehand and she was good and stayed quiet and seated the whole time. She was just transfixed by her favorite characters! I’m so proud of her!


She also had her first IKEA experience. She was excellent! She loved walking around and exploring all the many fun items they sell. There was a guy making balloon animals there and she  was so excited to watch him make her a dog. She was a happy gal in the car and she entertained us all with her dance moves at lunch. She continues to love to dance even if she is sitting in her high chair.

She is really into playing with her blocks lately.  She plays with them every evening after dinner. She also still loves her books, stuffed animals, tea sets, and princess castles.


She is still a good eater and she is enjoying biting into items more as opposed to me cutting it up for her. She also enjoys drinking from regular straws. Anything to be more of a big girl and less like a baby.

Overall she is good and mostly always in a good mood. Except she is still not a fan of the word “no”. She luckily doesn’t have to hear it often since she mostly manages to stay out of mischief. We continue to count our blessings that is laid back, sleeps great, and is healthy.



Weekend Plans



Elin has been making kiss faces a lot this week and I just love it!  I think it’s so cute!


2This week I randomly decided to look for some Frozen singalongs videos and Elin has completely fallen in love with the music. She can’t get enough of them! I know the move comes out on Tuesday but I am contemplating taking her to the movie theater for the first time so she can experience the show that way. I really don’t know if she will enjoy it or dislike the how loud the music will be in the theater,  but I am hoping to take her on Sunday and give it a try.


3I am very excited that we have a shopping trip planned to Ikea this weekend. I don’t really have any specific items in mind that I am  looking for. What great finds have you found there recently?


I have officially decided on a tea party theme for Elin’s second birthday party!  She loves playing with her tea sets so I hope she enjoys a party themed as such. Let the planning begin!


For my fifth item, I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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The Girlies


Obviously Elin is my only human baby and she gets mentioned a lot on this blog, but I don’t talk about my first fur babies very much. I have two of the sweetest fur babies in all the world. I adopted Fifi and Angel in October of  2003.  A lovely kind woman who owns a local pet grooming shop rescued them and fostered them until I adopted them from her. I have always heard that “You don’t find your pets–that they find you.” and I never understood what that meant until they came into my life. It’s completely serendipitous  that I was able to get them because there were a few different candidates that were in line ahead of me to adopt the girls but all of them miraculously fell through.


Fifi is estimated to be the oldest of the two sisters and she is very sweet and loving. She is the smaller of the two and barely weighs 6lbs. She is very gentle and loves to be as close as possible to me.  She has more of an easygoing personality, but she is more protective of me.


Angel has a little bit more sass to her. She is very sweet as well, but she has more energy and loves to play with and carry around little plush stuffed animals. They both love to take walks and take naps in the sun. People always stop and ask us if the girls are twins and then they ask how we can tell them apart.

They are so well behaved. Well, if you meet them you might not think so because they do bark at strangers and people who ring the doorbell. But, honestly this is the only major negative thing they do. They are very good about listening to commands and following directions. They go happily in their crate while we are gone at work and they never tear anything up.

One of the things I was worried about when I was pregnant is how they would act when a baby came into their life. They were always the center of attention in our world. When we brought Elin home, they were not impressed. They were not mean to her–they just ignored her as if she didn’t exist. They have slowly become accustomed to her and now they will walk up her and allow her to pet them and they cuddle close to her–Fifi more so than Angel.

Chihuahua Christmas

Chihuahua Christmas

They have been one of the biggest blessings in my life and have changed it for the better. I worry very much about  them aging, but so far we have been very blessed that they are healthy and strong. I always remind them that they are still my first babies.



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Outdoor Girl

Elin LOVES the outdoors! She is always dying to get out outside and she has been thrilled with the warmer temps so she can spend more time exploring. This weekend was the first weekend we spent a significant amount of time outside. We went on walks, visited the  park, and just walked around the yard. She enjoys just running around and exploring. She does not like it, however, when we try to corral her back into our yard or chase her down. She loves to run free with the wind blowing in her hair. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy spring and summer while chasing her all around outdoors. She is a major fan of the daylight savings since this means more time outside in the evenings.





Another fun activity we did is have a play date with Elin’s pal Kelsey. Kelsey’s mom is one of my closest friends and it’s so much fun to have daughters that are only a couple weeks apart! We are planning on many more fun activities for the girls this spring and summer.