Tea Party

Elin has a new favorite and it’s playing tea time.

Elin Tea Time

We have a tea set upstairs and a different set downstairs and she can’t get enough of playing with them. I had bought this fabric tea set when she was just an infant, thinking that it was a nice starter set since it’s soft and plush. To be completely honest, I sort of forgot about it and it was on the back of a shelf in her play room. I got it out and was amazed that she seemed to know how to play with it. She immediately started drinking from the cups and pretending to eat the cakes.  I was shocked because we hadn’t played with a kitchen set yet or play food. I’ve had a kitchen set bought that I intended to give her for Christmas that is sitting in our basement. I think we will give it to her for her second birthday. I personally wanted to wait until she was old enough to know what a play kitchen was about and to be excited to get one.

Elin Tea Time

Elin Tea Time

It’s amazing for me to watch her play with the set because I assumed she didn’t know what do to with a play set like that. I tend to underestimate what she can do and what she knows because I still see her very much as a baby and I think I do this because I try not to rush her growing up. I like to savor each stage and it’s such a mixture of happiness and a little bit of sadness to see her doing and learning new things.

Right now, tea time at her little table is one of her new favorites.

Elin Tea Time



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  1. I LOVE that fabric tea set! She looks so focused playing with it. I grabbed a mini play kitchen at a garage sale last year when my daughter was 1 and even though she didn’t really get it at first she loved opening all the cupboards and moving the dishes around. Now she loves it so much we’re thinking of upgrading her as her big birthday present from us. So in other words – I’d guess your LO is totally ready!

  2. What a cute little tea set…and the cleanest toy room ever. Love it!

  3. That is the cutest little tea set & table and chairs I have ever seen! Such adorable pictures.

  4. What an adorable fabric tea set!

  5. Visiting from the link-up! What a doll you’ve got- and I LOVE her name and spelling! I have three kids, my oldest is 5- and we STILL play with the play kitchen she got at 15 months almost daily! Everyone likes to stir things and shove plastic in mommy’s mouth 🙂

  6. how precious – and what a pretty tea set!

  7. That tea set is so perfect!! Soft, easy to wash, and oh so CUTE!!!! I know what you mean bout underestimating their skill sets. They just grow so fast! It’s almost like they just wake up one day and all of a sudden have a new talent. It is so bittersweet to watch them grow and develop. *tear* -xo Amanda

  8. I’m amazed she knew what to do!! How sweet is she. Where did you get that set?

  9. What a cute little set up! She is too adorable! Xo


  10. She will love her kitchen!

  11. Ah! This is way too cute! I love little girl tea parties! 🙂

  12. She is soo cute!!

  13. This tea party makes me seriously hope I am having a little girl next!! How cute!