Elin and her Babies


Linking up again  with Jess and Ashley for the Little Things link up.

Elin has always loved small babies and smaller stuffed animals, but her two current favorites are Boo dog and ducky. She also has several rubber ducks that she loves as well. I believe her two favorite words are dog and duck as well. She usually has one or the other in her hands. It amazes me how many things she can do and play with and still keep a hold of Boo and ducky as well.



She has started showing them a lot more love by giving them kisses and hugs all the time.  Her face just lights up when she is playing in a room and she spots them.  She has many other dolls and stuffed animals but these are definitely the current favorites right now.

DSCN5202 DSCN5307     IMG_2327


  1. I love the one of her standing on the changing table with ducky! Like she’s queen of the world! Super cute. That shirt with the anchor on it?! Totally adorable! Is that gymboree? It’s super cute!

  2. ha. i love it!! boo and duckies. totally random- and totally fun!!!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they learn love and affection? Sweetest thing!

  4. Love the mid step pic =) Those always make me smile.

  5. How cute is she with all her toys! Liam has just started becoming attached to a stuffed dog and I think it is absolutely adorable!

  6. I love these pictures. You can tell she has such a vibrant personality 🙂

  7. That little piano is just awesome. Do you mind if I ask where you got it?!

  8. We have that same anchor shirt from Gymboree, love that new collection! And I’m glad we’re not the only ones with a play tent in our living room! :o) She is a doll!


  9. I love when they start showing attachment to a toy, I think it’s the cutest thing! My daughter is like that with her Mickey and Minnie dolls. I also love that tent of hers, so cool!