Bed, Books, and Ballet


I am thrilled to be  linking up again with Jess and Ashley for the Little Things link up.


Something that may seem little or insignificant is a nightly routine, but my daughter Elin’s nightly routine is very special to me and her. Every evening after she gets her pajamas on, we sit in her pink chair and read anywhere from three to eight (depending on how tired she is) books.


Then when I get up to turn off her light, I turn on her piano music box. She received this box from us for her first birthday. When you turn the piano on by pressing the keys, it plays music, lights up, and tiny ballet dancers twirl around and appear to be dancing. It’s so detailed and Elin loves it! She loves to watch it, but perhaps her favorite part now is that when I turn it on, I twirl her around and dance. She has the biggest smile on her face and she laughs the most precious laugh.


Then the next part of the routine is turning off the light and rocking her in her rocking chair a couple minutes. Long enough to sing, “You are my Sunshine” and then “You are my Elin” to the tune of “You are my Sunshine”. Honestly, she doesn’t need this part at all anymore, but I do it anyway because I like this part. Especially because she lays her head on my shoulder and holds my hand. She doesn’t sit still very long during the day, so this moment in the bedtime routine is very precious to me.

It may just be a “little thing”, but Elin loves it and I think she loves that she can expect it every time I am the one to put her to sleep. Elin has been the best sleeper and miraculously she has never had any issues with waking up at odd hours of the night. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but I like to think her consistent and happy bedtime routine has something to do with it. I hope she continues to love her stories, music box, and rocking before bed.



  1. Bedtime routines are very special. This is so sweet. I love that you twirl for her and that music box is impressive! She has a great gift giver! 🙂

  2. LOVE THIS so much! And her room looks so sweet & pretty! Thanks for being a part of the link-up!

  3. The piano music box is amazing. “You Are My Sunshine” is a consistent part of our routine, I think I will be adding in “You Are My Sophia” now too!

  4. Hi from the link up! Your daughter is adorable and I love that you have such a special bedtime routine. It is definitely something to cherish! 🙂

  5. Found you through the link up. What a special time for you and your daughter. I love my night time routine with my son 🙂

  6. Her room looks so adorable 🙂 “You are My Sunshine” is one of my favorites to sing to Clay too when it’s my turn 🙂

  7. What a beautiful bedtime routine! I love the music box, how sweet. I love music boxes in general, but that one is extra special. I bet she will really cherish it when she is older!

  8. Beautiful bed time routine, so very important to instil a love of reading. Lovely post Lizzie x

  9. THAT MUSIC BOX!!! i have a little girl over here who’s seriously swooning and asking for her own!!

  10. Where did you get that piano music box from?? I’m a huge collector of music boxes!

  11. Great pictures! And I love that little piano music box. So awesome! Such a special and precious bed time routine!

  12. This is so cute…I love hearing about your bedtime routine with her. K and I have one too. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones with secret bedtime routines. 😉 We will never forget these special times.

  13. This is so sweet. She is so adorable! Xoxo

  14. I bought those same exact containers from Jo Ann’s. Love them. I think I’m going to fill them with teddy grahams and attach the bear hugs tags I’ve seen on Pinterest.

  15. What a beautiful music box! I am in love! Who is it by? And your little one is just adorable!

  16. This is so sweet. Really. It made me tear up a little because I know EXACTLY how you feel! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up with us! P.S. I just love her room…it’s so pretty and I’m loving your blog design too!