Come on everybody, it’s Gymbo time!

Elin is full-on obsessed with Gymboree class. We go every Saturday morning and she usually attends an open gym session during the week. We started her Gymboree classes around 16 months. She does not attend daycare since my mom watches her during the day, so this is an excellent opportunity for her to interact with other children in her age range.

It’s fun to see how much she has changed in the 4 months we have been going to class. In the beginning, she wanted to check everything out, but she was a little timid to climb on all the equipment. Now she is a pro at climbing on everything. I personally like that there is a portion of the class that is a structured activity. I feel like it’s a great introduction to following instructions in a class setting. Her absolute favorite parts are riding on the parachute and bubble time.

So far, Gymboree has been a wonderful experience for us and we hope to continue attending in the future.

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