Classic Literature for Babies and Toddlers

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I was shopping earlier this week and came across this Anna Karenina board book for babies. I thought it was so cute! The pictures are beautifully done and the best part is there is a learning aspect on each page where they ask where something is. I researched and found out there are numerous other classics for baby: Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, and Sense and Sensibility. These books look so fun!  This book in particular is such a cute book introducing babies to fashion. I am planning on looking into some of the other classics as well.

Elin enjoyed sitting at her little table and checking out the pictures.


It’s the Little Things Link-Up

Today I am participating in my first link-up! I was thrilled to learn about this link series with Jess and Ashley because the topic is just perfect for my blog theme.


My special little moment happened on a busy Saturday the week after Christmas. Our Saturdays tend to be filled with many errands after Elin’s Gymboree class and this weekend was no different. In fact, we went on many extra errands for post-holiday storage containers and specialty items. Elin is always very good in the car and even though I know she doesn’t enjoy shopping and errands, she is usually pretty good—today was no exception. Despite the recent cold, it was sunny and unusually warm for that time of year, so after being cooped up in the car, I decided to take Elin to our local park. We got lucky and there was hardly anyone there! This was not surprising since it was a holiday weekend in December but, it was so nice out. Elin had such a blast swinging and getting some time outdoors.


As I was swinging her and watching her smile and giggle, I kept thinking about how it was so nice to do an activity that was completely for her benefit and not be distracted by anything. If I am playing at home with Elin, I get distracted by looking around the room and noticing all the toys that need put away or looking at the floors that need to be vacuumed. Even the dogs will come along and distract me by barking or demanding to be petted (they are still jealous about sharing time with Elin). At the park, I find that I can completely focus on her and be more in the moment with her. I make it a point to never have my phone out texting or sending emails. If my phone is out at the park, it’s solely to take pictures of Elin.

It was just one of those moments that was simple but sweet and reminded me to make time to completely focus on her and nothing else. Even though she is not old enough to completely tell me what she would rather to be doing throughout the day, her smiles and attitude let me know she was appreciative of a spontaneous side trip to the park in December.


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My First Post

I can’t believe I am writing my very first blog post! I have been contemplating starting a blog many times and now I am happy and excited that I have finally taken the plunge. My main motivation for starting this blog is to document my daughter Elin’s life. She is already 20 months old and I wish I had started documenting from the beginning. When I would work on her baby book, I kept thinking that there would be so many more milestones and activities to document after the first year; but without formally scrapbooking, I would never keep it all straight.

I hope that this blog will allow me to not only online scrapbook but to also explore my interests and creative outlets. I hope you will keep coming back to read more about our adventures!